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We are an industry-leading Halal meat wholesaler who provides fresh or frozen Chicken, Lamb, Goat, Veal, and Beef from leading Canadian processors. Whether you are looking for premium-quality meats, budget cuts, or something in between, you are sure to find the right products in our range.


  • Chicken Whole Fresh/Frozen
  • Chicken Breast
  • Chicken Liver
  • Chicken Gizzard
  • Chicken Thighs
  • Chicken Legs


  • Goat/Lamb Brain
  • Goat/Lamb Kidney, Heart
  • Goat/Lamb Shoulder
  • Goat/Lamb Shank
  • Goat/Lamb Testicle
  • Goat/Lamb Carcass
  • Goat/Lamb Leg


  • Beef/Veal Eye Round
  • Beef/Veal Tongue
  • Beef/Veal Brain
  • Beef/Veal Liver
  • Beef/Veal Sirloin Tip
  • Beef/Veal Shank
  • Beef/Veal Feet


Our beef cuts are derived from quality Canadian meat. Canadian beef is renowned around the world for its outstanding quality, clean and green production, superior traceability, and quality assurance systems. ​

Almarwa Sunrise Meats is one of Canada’s leading wholesale meat suppliers showcasing a wide range of beef cut choices. Canada tends to choose the classic cuts of steak such as rump or fillet, but many other cultures utilize other cuts of the cow in their cuisines. Our diverse business develops and supplies beef products on behalf of key supermarket groups, food service, food producers, retail, restaurant, and regional distributors.

Raw beef tomahawk steak with salt pepper and rosemary on slate plate.
Chopped raw meat. The process of preparing forcemeat by means of a meat grinder. Homemade sausage. Ground beef.
Raw beef meat fillet on wooden board close up


The goat carcass is essentially made up of the same primal and cuts as lamb, however, eating characteristics vary and are very dependent on how the animal was raised and treated.

Naturally raised on Canada’s diverse pastures and soils, Canada’s lamb is mild in flavour, tender, and naturally lean. The diverse lamb carcass provides a range of cuts suitable for application across the foodservice sector with endless opportunities for roasting, grilling, braising, and more.

Pieces of raw fresh meat isolated on black on stone board, top view
Raw lamb leg on marble cutting board. Dark background. Side view
Raw lamb steak on board on white wooden table close up
Raw goat or lamb leg meat on the bone with herbs. Black background. Top view. Copy space.
Lamb chops raw meat on bone with salt, pepper and herbs. Black wooden background. Top view.


We offer products ranging from the freshest poultry to small goods at competitive prices. Our service of preparing and packaging our poultry based on your requirements helps reduce your pressures. Rest assured that our stringent quality assurance programs are aimed at providing the best products and services possible.

Almarwa Sunrise Meats has been an active force in the poultry industry. We intend to always provide the finest,  cost-effective, and quality wholesale range of chicken products. We deliver to all suburbs in North America. We supply our wholesale range of chicken and poultry products directly to your shop.

Whole Raw Chicken with Herbs and Spices on Wooden Cutting Board Food Ingredient Cooking Background Bird Meat
Raw chicken legs in ceramic plate over rustic metal background. Raw food concept. Top View. Flat Lay
Raw chicken breasts, fillets
Raw chicken liver, top view.
Raw chicken breast fillets on wooden cutting board with herbs and spices. Top view

More Meat Individual Cuts

Beef Tenderloin

Mutton meat

Lamb Chop

Beef Shank

Fresh Mutton

Chicken Thighs

Fresh beef chunks served on table with ingredients ready for cooking. Cooking concept.

Beef Stew

Fresh Sheep Ribs

Raw beef meat tenderloin on white background with cooking ingredients closeup. Fresh beef meat on kitchen table

Veal Eye Round


Fresh Mutton

Raw lamb shanks on wooden board close up photo

Lamb Shank

You’ll always know what you’re getting

Fresh Meat

Almarwa Sunrise Meats is more than just a name; it's a brand. Halal meat is available in our butcher shops, giving customers the meat they want.

Quality Control

We have a moral obligation to ensure that all animals have a decent life. Fortunately for those of us who appreciate good meat, there is a link between good animal husbandry and high-quality meat.

Hygienic & Healthy

When it comes to our meat, chicken, beef, veal, goat, and lamb, our farmers only use the healthiest natural, organic, and traditional farming methods.