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We Produce The Best Selected Meats For You

We have always maintained a first-class reputation for customer service and quality, which originates from the principles laid down when the business was formed in 2008.  These principles were to provide high street and catering butchers with quality products and exceptional levels of service, all at competitive prices.

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With hard work and attention to detail

Almarwa Sunrise Meats is a real butcher shop dedicated to providing the best food for our customers and to some of the best chefs in town. Our passion for good food, friendly service and years of experience help clients to make the most of their meats, regardless of their needs.

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Almarwa Sunrise Wholesale Meats will continue to provide high-quality food to restaurants, businesses, and residents that are unbeatable

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Knowledge from paddock to plate

At Almarwa Sunrise Meats, our passion lies with product quality, consistency and service. With a wealth of knowledge drawn from decades within the meat industry (same as the home page), our sales team not only takes your order, but carefully hand-selects all products according to your requirements and ensures that your every need is met. Almarwa Sunrise Meats cater to a wide range of clientele from some of Canada’s biggest supermarket chains, food service providers, wholesalers and butchers (same as the home page).

In close collaboration with high-end brands, we offer a wide range of quality chilled and frozen red meat (beef, mutton, lamb and goat) white meat (poultry and turkey), offal and specialty items.

With our dedicated staff, we have the unique product knowledge and expertise through the whole supply chain, which ranges from animal breeding, animal care, and cutting to production, storing, and product development. We work tirelessly within the market to ensure both customers and suppliers are kept up to date with trends. We provide solutions to solving issues for any point of contact in the supply chain.

As one of Canada’s food distribution industry’s most prominent meat suppliers, we are passionately contributing to grocery development and supply of new and innovative foods, including retort processed meat solutions. We are always happy to try different ways and provide alternative options to find the most efficient and effective solutions together with you.

Leading Independent Meat Wholesaler

As the company has grown, so has its reputation and scope. Over the years we have developed our product range according to the needs of our customers and now offer one of the most comprehensive product lists in the industry. We have established ourselves as Canada’s leading national red meat and poultry wholesalers.  With a proven track record in supplying a diverse customer base, which includes: supermarkets, restaurant, high street and catering butchers, and online businesses.

Best Super Meat

Almarwa Sunrise Meats is more than just a name, it's our brand. Halal meats are available in our butcher shops. giving customers everything they require

Quality Control

We have a moral obligation to ensure that all animals have a decent life. Fortunately for those of us who appreciate good meat, there is a link between good animal husbandry and high-quality meat.

Hygienic & Healthy

Almarwa Sunrise Meats is more than just a name; it's our brand. Halal meats are available in our butcher shops. giving customers everything they require.

Easy Breezy Delicious Meat

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World Wide Supply Chain

We have always been at the forefront of imports and exports into the North American market. We import from as far as Africa, South America, Australia, Asia and also export Canada sourced products across the globe. We have the main distribution depot at our Toronto Head office, While the other processing plant, and sites on Conveniently located around every major port of the city and that gives us complete control over our products and supply chain.